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The most important conference coorganized by us was HTAi 2004 1st Annual Meeting, which was held in Krakow on 30 May - 2 June 2004. During the conference the results obtained in the field of HTA and the application of cost-effectiveness analysis in the reimbursement systems operating in various countries around the world were presented.
The conference was organized jointly by the institutions from the countries of the Visegrad Group, which especially in 2004 in the context of accession of 10 European countries from that region to the European Union had special significance.
Among the guests, representatives of the following institutions were present: government HTA agencies, the World Health Organization, World Bank, Ministries of Health, health insurance companies, research and industry centers, and science and research institutes around the world. Many governmental and non-governmental organizations (scientific, business and political) participated in this event. This conference, as the first such a huge event, was a challenge for Krakow and Poland, and was promoting it as a meeting of representatives of different worlds: medicine, science and politics.
The special guest was President Lech Walesa.
The honorary patrons of the event were the Ministers of Health of the Republic of Poland, Czech and Hungary, and the President of the Hungarian National Health Fund.
1st time in Poland  First so large conference in Poland
International event  International event
Participation of members of governments  The participation of members of national governments
Place: Krakow Place: Warsaw 1-3 days For 250 participants Discounts for public institutions Participation of experts Conference Workshop
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