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What has an anteater pregnancy for a refund? And a hippo pregnancy? In order to find out you need to take part in one of our courses...
As a result of many years of experience in the field of education, we believe that the transfer of difficult issues in a difficult form creates difficulties in understanding. Sounds obvious, right? We explored this seemingly trivial idea and in the beginning of 2012 we started a program of a total change of training formula.
The first courses carried out in the new formula met with such a positive response of participants that it exceeded all our expectations.
Currently we offer the following trainings: All our courses can be adjusted to individual needs and conducted as closed trainings in any place. The scope of modifications to training program as well as the financial terms are discussed individually.
Key skills  Determination of key skills
Practical tips  Practical tips: how and where to use
Analysis of examples  Analysis of examples
Step by step  Step by step: how to do it
Extended training blocks  Extended training blocks
Exercises on computers  Exercises on computers
Place: Warsaw At the customer 1-2 days For 30 participants Discounts for public institutions Original project Participation of experts On-line ordering
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