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Dear Friends,
on behalf of CEESTAHC, I heartily invite you to take part in:
the 15th International Evidence-Based Health Care Symposium titled
From Evidence to Action
which will be held on-line on October 5-7, 2020.
Due to the uncertain epidemiological situation, for the first time ever, our Symposium will be held exclusively on-line. This decision was not easy, but was taken with the safety of all our participants and lecturers in mind. I do not know whether the Internet will allow us to emulate the openness and freedom of discussion which has characterised the Symposium for years, but I will do my utmost to create a virtual space dedicated to this need. I hope we will fill this new place with valuable content and exchange views in a friendly atmosphere.
I would like to invite you to our annual meeting which will be held in a completely new form. The lectures will also be available on-line for later viewing.
The programme of the 15th International EBHC Symposium will be divided into six thematic sessions held over the course of 3 days:
  1. Assessing innovativeness of health technologies
  2. Health policy, drug policy – from strategy to implementation
  3. Self-government Academy
  4. New significance of electronic health technologies
  5. Who is responsible for the patient in the healthcare system?
  6. From data to big data
Organised since 2006, the EBHC Symposium has become a fixture in the conference calendar, attracting both Polish and international participants. It is a place of uninhibited discussions on health technology assessment and the efficacy of system solutions. Inevitably, it has also become a platform for discussing the shape of the Polish healthcare system.
The ever-growing collection of data (Evidence) is like a mycelium which covers an entire forest – it remains virtually invisible and the desired effects spring up like mushrooms only in specific places and conditions. These external manifestations of that mycelium’s life are our Actions undertaken within the healthcare system: health programmes, system reforms, implementation of solutions. Only ideas which face favourable circumstances have a chance to succeed.
Magdalena Władysiuk
The past few months, marked by the struggle against COVID-19, forced mankind to immediately move to Action, to face a threat not yet described in the Evidence. This situation confirms the relevance of the direction set out by the theme of this year’s Symposium: from Evidence to Action. We need to develop tools for faster implementation of knowledge, to avoid surprises on such a huge and sometimes tragic scale in the future.
I am counting on your participation and lively discussions. Life has provided more than enough topics, problems and challenges in the recent months...
Yours faithfully - Magdalena Władysiuk
[July 29th, 2020]

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