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EBHC Symposium

Conditions of participation
  1. Symposium participation options:
    • FREE – registration required
    • PREMIUM – registration and a PLN 150 net fee
  2. Basic elements of participation for the FREE and PREMIUM options:
    • participation in on-line sessions
    • on-line access to conference materials
  3. Elements of participation exclusive for the PREMIUM option:
    • text chat for asking questions
    • chat with other participants
    • access to themed chat rooms with video calls with lecturers and other participants
    • access to session recordings
  4. Additionally, FREE and PREMIUM participants can also purchase:
    • event T-shirt, PLN 40 net
    • a set of printout charts with abstracts of the lectures in graphic form, PLN 20 net
  5. Simultaneous translation of the lectures and the option of streaming with or without interpretation will be provided for both the FREE and PREMIUM variant.
  6. You can register starting from 10 September 2020 via a dedicated website.
  7. The participation fee should be paid using the payment tools available on the dedicated website.
  8. Payments for T-shirts and printouts should be made (after the order has been confirmed) to the following bank account:
    Bank PKO 97 1240 4689 1111 0000 5142 0745
    Swift code: PKOPPLPW
    Payment title: pro-forma invoice number
  9. The organises are not liable for transmission problems resulting from the Participants’ connection speed.
  10. The organisers reserve the right to introduce changes to the Symposium programme.
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EBHC Symposium
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