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Due to unforeseen circumstances this webinar has been cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
On behalf of CEESTAHC we heartily invite you to take part in:
the 12th International Evidence-Based Health Care Symposium titled
HTA: evidence and value in decision-making paradigm
which will take place in Cracow on December 11-12, 2017.
Venue: Park Inn hotel
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The EBHC Symposium, organised annually since 2006, has earned its place on the agenda of national educational meetings and always attracts a number of participants from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).
Evidence-based health care is becoming a dominant direction for development of health care systems around the world. At the same time, thanks to greater awareness and increasing problems with interpreting results of studies and reviews, basic questions tend to be asked again. After so many years of EBHC development, we pose the question: what is evidence, anyway? We are searching for answers by starting with a single patient (e.g. in the case of rare diseases) and are going up to the level of the entire system – with emphasis on what values and effects we want to achieve.
We wish to invite you to yet another edition of our Symposium, which is intended as a starting point for a discussion on solutions created both in Poland and elsewhere in the world. Currently, many countries are either analysing phenomena or are already taking actions in areas which we discuss in our sessions:
  • Developing value-based health care systems,
  • Changing our approach towards obtaining marketing authorisations for drugs based on adaptive pathways; challenges faced by payers in Europe,
  • Comprehensiveness and integration of care in the health care system,
  • Introducing new medical devices and methods of their financing,
  • Clinical guidelines – how they are created, implemented and how do they impact the system,
  • The situation and role of rare diseases – including in particular the active attitude of patients and the solutions they prefer.
The market of medicinal products, medical devices and all health services is becoming more and more complicated. In this multilevel structure we encounter both cooperation and competition, and conflicts of interest are not always easy to identify. It seems obvious that the primary objective of health care should be meeting the health needs of the society, which can be done by way of prophylaxis, treatment and monitoring. Each country searches for optimal solutions which would keep up with the ever-changing surroundings and possibilities (and costs) brought about by new solutions.
The aim of this Symposium is to ask: what should the shape of the system be? how should it be financed? – and most of all: what should serve as the basis for its evaluation: costs, effects, values, or political objectives? We will also attempt to find an answer to these questions together. Furthermore, we will consider whether these questions can be used as a long-term indicator for the correct direction of development and when should they be adjusted?
A hand-picked panel of experts from Poland and other countries will present the results of their studies and will suggest proposals of solutions in 6 sessions:
  1. Directions of changes in health care systems (fee free session)
  2. Adapt or not to Adapt? Adaptive Pathways: a lifecycle approach in a sustainable way (fee free session)
  3. New solutions in rare diseases
  4. Is it necessary to regulate medical devices in the healthcare system?
  5. Patient care integration – management, financing evidence
  6. Evidence – synthesis and translation
Due to its exceptional educational value, the participation in the first two sessions will be free of charge. This way we want to encourage those who cannot take part in the entire Symposium – students and fellow scientists – to participate in the event. It is an opportunity to establish direct contact with representatives of the Polish Ministry of Health and The Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tariff System (AOTMiT). We hope for a lively discussion after the session.
Representatives of the Polish and Belgian Ministries of Health have been invited to take part in the opening session. They will present their strategic goals and changes planned for the months and years to come. Belgium was one of the first countries in Europe to introduce a value-based systems several years back, therefore we are counting on honest reflections and first-hand experience.
A broad group of stakeholders has been invited to participate in the session on adaptive pathways, including patients, representatives of registration offices and the European Medicines Agency in order to discuss problems and challenges faced by payers.
The Symposium also has the goal of supporting and educating the invited patient associations dealing with rare diseases. The session on rare diseases will present methods for measuring patients’ preferences and practical solutions developed in France which ensure comprehensiveness of treatment.
The session on synthesis of evidence and creating guidelines will present the latest concepts. This session will demonstrate the latest Polish and Czech solutions and the years-long engagement of Cochrane, an international organisation, in the creation of credible methodology for systematic reviews.
We are convinced that, despite many years of reform, it is necessary to continue the discussion on financing of services. Especially in view of such dynamic positive changes regarding the network of hospitals, medical devices, or integrated patient care. We hope that Polish and foreign examples of system solutions presented during the Symposium will constitute good starting points for an exchange of opinions. At the same time, in the session on medical devices, we will hold a panel discussion between representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, the public payer, experts in health care and clinicians.
We want to treat our meeting at the 12th International Evidence-Based Health Care Symposium on 11-12 December 2017 as a chance for an exchange of views and a great opportunity to obtain information on detailed solutions in Poland and abroad.
We are counting on the interest and support of our colleagues from the CEE countries and other parts of the world. Join us at the Symposium!
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