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Ladies and Gentlemen!
On behalf of CEESTAHC we heartily thank you for taking part in:
the 11th International Evidence-Based Health Care Symposium
Interactions between HTA, coverage
and regulatory processes
that was held in Cracow on December 12-13, 2016.
Venue: Park Inn hotel
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The EBHC Symposium, organised annually since 2006, has earned its place on the agenda of national educational meetings and always attracts a number of participants from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).
During the 11th edition of the Symposium, for the first time we would like to propose a regular discussion among EBHC guests and establish an Experts’ Forum from the CEE countries.
All health care systems in CEE countries are currently undergoing dynamic transformation and therefore the directions of changes within the strategic frame are the subject of heated discussions. Furthermore, integration between social, developmental and purely scientific sectors is sought after.
The main reason for changes has been the same for years: the growing crisis of operating costs. While in the past years we focused on different methods of tackling the crisis – from increasing HTA significance, through insurances or harmonising the benefits package – this year we will focus on seeking ways to integrate remedial measures and processes of health care system management. Fixing cash flow problems is similar to repairing a water–supply system – it is not truly fixed until all the holes, not only the biggest and most visible ones, are caulked and filled.
We need to look for new values, crucial for decision–making with regards to shaping the guaranteed benefits package (both drug and non–drug technologies) so as to put it into a common legal and financial frame covering reimbursement, participation of science and research and patients’ needs.
The programme of the Symposium will be implemented in five thematic sessions over the course of two days
  1. A roadmap for the process of reimbursement and tariffing of health benefits
  2. CEE Forum: Value-based decision making in CEE countries
  3. Tools for managing the guaranteed benefits package
  4. Medical devices: prices, benefits, tariffs
  5. Better access to services of rare diseases
The first session titled: “A roadmap for the process of reimbursement and tariffing of health benefits” will cover the planned changes in the field of reimbursement solutions for drugs and medical devices. We will also investigate tools for their implementation – HTA and tariffing and ways to unclutter the package, including elimination of technologies. Apart from national experts, we will host speakers from Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria – countries which are currently building the basis for future changes and are undergoing a constant transformation.
Due to its exceptional educational value, the participation in the first session will be free of charge. This way we want to encourage those who cannot take part in the entire Symposium – students and fellow scientists – to participate in the event. It is an opportunity to establish direct contact with representatives of the Polish Ministry of Health and The Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tariff System (AOTMiT). We hope for a lively discussion after the session.
We would also like to discuss – in line with this year's theme – the effectiveness of legislation and implementation processes for introduction of changes in the light of the system's inertia, the size of the area submitted to regulations and the necessity of engaging different groups of stakeholders. The number of levels of coordination and communication in the health care system may paralyse even the most committed reformers.
Fortunately, we are not the first who face this problem. Guest experts, both from countries with a stable health system and those undergoing changes, will be eager to share their experience in the field of research on the size of phenomena for the needs of planning changes, assessment of the effectiveness of solutions, implementation of benchmarking and some thoughts on experience with unsuccessful solutions. We will focus on these aspects during the rest of the first day within the frame of the second session "CEE Forum: Value-based decision making in CEE countries”.
The second day of the Symposium will be devoted to practical workshops. We want to analyse the following phenomena on the basis of actual experience:
  • How is the medical devices market changing and what is the trend dynamics?
  • Is tariffing the golden remedy for all problems?
  • Is care coordination possible? If so, on what levels? What benefits does it bring to the system in general?
The main focus of our discussion will be to determine whether it is possible to find ways to assess the effects of the solutions implemented so as to inscribe them in the aforementioned legal and financial frame.
We are counting on the interest and support of our colleagues from the CEE countries and other parts of the world. Join us at the Symposium!
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