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EBHC Symposium

Day 1  |  Monday, December 11th, 2017
od 9.30 do 15.50
Topic Invited speakers Timing
Session 1 | Directions of change in health care systems
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Moderator: Magdalena Władysiuk
Opening of the Symposium Magdalena Władysiuk 5 min.
The national drug policy – towards the system's greater predictability Marcin Czech 20 min.
Rola i znaczenie programów pilotażowych, taryfikacji oraz procesu zmiany technologii medycznej w tworzeniu wykazu świadczeń gwarantowanych Zbigniew Król 20 min.
International collaboration on pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals: the BeNeLuxA Initiative as proof of concept Francis Arickx 30 min.
The value of quality in the healthcare system – tasks of AOTMiT, the Polish HTA Agency Roman Topór-Mądry 15 min.
Discussion 10 min.
Coffee break 15 min.
Session 2 | Adapt or not to Adapt? Adaptive Pathways: a lifecycle approach in a sustainable way
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Moderator: Ad Schuurman
Overview of adaptive pathways and Adapt Smart André Broekmans 20 min.
Reflections from a regulatory perspective Csilla Pozsgay 10 min.
Adaptive pathways - decision maker and public payer perspective Marcin Czech 10 min.
Reflections from an HTA perspective Magdalena Władysiuk 10 min.
Adaptive Pathways "a balanced approach to life-cycle and patient Perspectives" - the vision of European Patients Forum Michał Rataj 10 min.
Discussion panel: André Broekmans, Marcin Czech, Vinciane Pirard, Csilla Pozsgay, Michał Rataj, Ad Schuurman and Magdalena Władysiuk 40 min.
Discussion 10 min.
Lunch 45 min.
Session 3 | New solutions in rare diseases
Moderator: Maria Libura
A perspective from 12 years of strategy for rare diseases in France: what’s new? what’s inspirational? Myriam de Chalendar 20 min.
Patient communities as communities of knowledge. How can we use them to drive innovation in rare diseases? Maria Libura 20 min.
The significance of endpoint selection for clinical trials – oncology and hematooncology Anna Kordecka 20 min.
Value assessment of orphan drugs for rare diseases Steven Simoens 20 min.
Financing of orphan drugs in Europe Robert Plisko 20 min.
Discussion 10 min.
Attention! Session 4 on Tuesday moved to the end of the day
Day 2  |  Tuesday, December 12th 2017
od 9.00 do 15.25
Topic Invited speakers Timing
Session 5 | Patient care integration – management, financing evidence
Moderator: Magdalena Władysiuk
Early Intervention – presenting results of an international project Magdalena Władysiuk 20 min.
Medical rehabilitation in Poland – the direction of changes and system development Dominik Dziurda 20 min.
Expenses we do not notice – an indirect cost analysis on the example of chronic hand eczema Paulina Rolska 20 min.
Interministerial coordinated care – proposed solutions on the example of MS Andrzej Śliwczyński 20 min.
Discussion 10 min.
Coffee-break 10 min.
Session 6 | Evidence – synthesis and translation
Moderator: Małgorzata Bała
Development, adaptation and adoption of clinical practice guidelines: Application of the GRADE Evidence-to-Decision framework Wojtek Wiercioch 20 min.
Project of national centre for Clinical Practice Guidelines in the Czech Republic. Data from Systematic Reviews in development of Clinical Practice Guidelines Miloslav Klugar 20 min.
Guidelines for creating clinical guidelines in Poland Dominik Dziurda 20 min.
Making sense of the evidence
- a programme for developing enhanced HTA expertise in CEE
Alan Haycox 15 min.
Risk of bias assessment in evidence synthesis Małgorzata Bała 20 min.
Discussion 10 min.
Lunch 45 min.
Session 4 | Is it necessary to regulate medical devices in the healthcare system?
Moderator: Mitch Sugarman
Value-Based Health Care – an industry perspective Mitch Sugarman 20 min.
Medical devices – where are we headed? Ewa Warmińska
Krzysztof Łanda
30 min.
Financing, reimbursement, co-payment – how can this Gordian Knot be disentangled? Katarzyna Sabiłło 20 min.
The impact of potential changes in financing of medical devices applied as part of guaranteed benefits on quality, availability and safety Katarzyna Sabiłło 20 min.
Discussion panel: Krzysztof Łanda, Katarzyna Sabiłło, Mitch Sugarman, Wojciech Szefke, Bartosz Świdrak and Ewa Warmińska 30 min.
Discussion 10 min.
Closure of the Sympozjum   5 min.
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EBHC Symposium
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