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EBHC Symposium

Day 1  |  Monday, December 12th 2016
od 9.30 do 15.50
Topic Speaker Timing
Session 1 | A roadmap for the process of reimbursement and tariffing of health benefits
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Opening lectur:
HTA Collaboration in Europe - national and regional implications
Wim Goettsch 20 min.
Tariff-setting for healthcare services  Gabriela Ofierska-Sujkowska 15 min.
The guaranteed service package as a tool for optimising health security  Dominik Dziurda 15 min.
Health Technology Assessment  Wojciech Wysoczański 15 min.
HTA requirements for medical devices under new reimbursement law Kamila Malinowska 20 min.
Changes in pharmaceutical reimbursement. What to expect next year?  Ewa Warmińska 20 min.
Healthcare quality registers – how can the guaranteed services package benefit from them? Rafał Niżankowski 15 min.
Discussion 10 min.
Coffee break 10 min.
Session 2 | CEE forum: Value-based decision making in CEE countries
Moderator: Brian Godman
Value-based decision making among European countries with a special focus on CEE countries Brian Godman 30 min.
Drug – 5 years of experience under reimbursement law Magdalena Władysiuk,
Stefan Bogusławski
30 min.
Overview of the Hungarian pricing and reimbursement system Dávid Dankó 20 min.
System of reimbursement in Slovakia Maria Psenkova 20 min.
Lunch 60 min.
The value of innovation in decision making Tanja Novakovic 20 min.
Health Technology Assessment and drug reimbursement policy in Romania – present and perspectives Ileana Mardare 20 min.
Market Access in Czech Republic – 9 years of experience with matured, transparent and predictable system of pricing and reimbursement which brings sustainability and stability Jaroslav Duba 20 min.
Discussion 20 min.

Day 2  |  Tuesday, December 13th 2016
od 9.30 do 15.25
Topic Speaker Timing
Session 3 | Tools for managing the guaranteed benefits package
Moderator: Magdalena Władysiuk
Value-based pricing for drugs and medtech at the national level – experiences from Sweden, including evolutions of ethical principles and backlash  Mikael Hoffman 20 min.
Pricing for coordinated medical care in example of coordinated care for pregnant woman Wojciech Zawalski 20 min.
Reumatology – Health Need Maps and health coordination Brygida Kwiatkowska 15 min.
Are horizon scanning tools useful in reimbursement process? Anna Kordecka 15 min.
Discussion 10 min.
Coffee break 10 min.
Session 4 | Medical devices: prices, benefits, tariffs
Moderator: Mitch Sugarman
Will EU funds improve efficiency of healthcare systems in CEE Region? Katarzyna Kolasa 20 min.
Horizon Scanning for innovative non-drug technologies Paulina Rolska 20 min.
Medical devices in Germany - coverage and innovation Wolfgang Frisch 20 min.
Discussion 10 min.
Lunch 60 min.
Session 5 | Better access to services of rare diseases
Moderator: Maria Libura
Methodological challenges and alternatives to assess Rare Diseases Treatments Alicia Granados Navarrete 20 min.
The availability of treatmentfor selected ultrarare diseases in the aspect of central coordination of therapy Mieczysław Walczak 20 min.
Patient and family perceptions on the contribution of HTA to health care Alastair Kent 20 min.
European reference networks (ERNs) - an example of approach to rare diseases  Piotr Czauderna 20 min.
Adult patients suffering from rare diseases – an urgent challenge for the healthcare system Maria Libura 20 min.
Multi-criteria decision payer preferences for rare diseases in Central East Europe countries  Vladimir Zah 20 min.
Discussion 10 min.
Closure of the Sympozjum   5 min.
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